Only one sleep to go to The Big Vacation. I've spent the day so far running all around organising all my stuff.

My plane leaves Canberra at 8 in the morning, and by dinnertime I'll be slurping soba in Osaka.

Then onto the New Dream Bus at midnight for an overnighter to glorious Tokyo and breakfast in Shinjuku.

Arvind helped me set up a webcam for the apartment in Nakano Chuo, and a couple of everythingians helped test it last night -- seems to be working fine, although the colour quality from this little USB Kritter leaves a lot to be desired. Maybe I just have to play with the colour balance -- hope so.

Still to do this pm: colour hair, cook Gemma a nice curry, pack suitcase, and take Gemma out to a nice dinner at 7pm.

Next daylog from Osaka!