12:51am, Canberra

I had a pretty interesting day yesterday, seconded from my usual duties to Australia's Internet Industry Association where I've volunteered to hack this year's silly season barbeque and picnic. So this involved building a budget involving the charring of meat, inflation of helium balloons, erecting of marquees etc. Quite a nice break, really. It's been decided that an Ashes series will be established this year, with the Geeks versus the Suits on that Gentlemanly (sic) Field of Battle, the cricket pitch.

Other than that, got the shits big time with e2, resigned in high dudgeon for about 25 minutes, returned, somewhat wiser (and tougher). I have to be honest -- there are quite a few too many fsckwits and hardarses here for my liking. Yeah, I know I can show myself the door at any time, but it's the other really really cool people who make me want to continue my contribution. Ah, it's just a brainfart.

Gemma went to the Hyatt for networking, thank goodness she didn't have the yen to invite me. Molly and me hacked.

Tomorrow (well, today) will bring a Saturday, and the helping of a friend to install an ethernet LAN.