Bad bad bad day. PHB is at 99% unbearable. Tried to force me into a rebuild v1.0 of product again. Stomps in, bullies his most bright people how to do their jobs, bright people respond predictably badly, leave, etc. The road that our people are travelling is littered with corpses.

Told PHB and peanut gallery that no more changes will be accomodated. No more documentation will be written. No more plans will be made past delivery of version 1.0. No further correspondence will be entered into. Really more aggressive than needs be, but these are desperate times and the product must be delivered (I cannot have such a non-delivery on my cv).

Big technical day, after all that politics, invented a frickin' brilliant approach to backing up SAMBA volumes to Retrospect on a Macintosh, updated the database server to Mandrake 7.2 (and how do I love that Mandrake? It is the most kickin' distro that I can imagine at this point in Linux's glorious state of development (all due respect to the Debian folks IGWS)..

Drinks and complaint-club with markd tonight, a sub sandwitch and now e2, until tomorrow.

Greets to sensei, break, ZamZ, dannye, girlotron, TallRoo, and others. Thank you all, you help to keep me sane.