This is cool, I'm on vacation.

Two years of hardcore work at the agency, now I have a week off before starting my new job. It's Monday morning, I've slept late, the mid-morning sun is warming this side of the house. My endorphin levels are right up, I feel so free and liberated not working there any more (at least, not on staff. I'm doing some consulting work with support and projects from time to time).

Peter came down from Sydney yesterday on the train. We collected him at midday, introduced him to our new puppy Paddy (he's an old friend of Molly's, you see), and took off to Kingston for a nice long boozy Sunday lunch. Collecting some more wine on the way back home, Peter and I launched into his latest make-money plan, a kind of portal on the 'net (the concept for which will remain secret for now). Except what he was describing was interactive TV, not the web at it's current state of evolution. A few hours and dozens of sheets of butcher's paper later he was clearer on the content requirements for his plan (oops! forgot all about content!). I dropped into bed at around mid-night, Gemma and the dogs stayed up late..

The household CD ripping project is almost done. Some 650 CDs and two months later, I'm down to the last short stack of shiny silver thingies. All lovingly committed to our home server at 192 bits. Must run that cable out to the stereo this week...

My new job is a 10 minute bike ride away, and I fully intend to ride every day except in foul weather. Also, new job resolutions include (a) go to the gym regularly (b) take up Japanese lessons (c) get back into a fencing club (d) cook more challenging dishes at home.

Okay, now into the day.