Awake early, coffee (two (2) espressi from the Atomic), off to the airport to collect a hire car. Home, picked up one (1) wife and two (2) dogs, commence driving to Sydney.

The traffic in Sydney is fucking insane.

A stolen hour in Watsons Bay for fish and chips from the Doyle's take-away, sat on the grass, by the harbour, and watched the dogs have fun (chasing birds, munching potato chips, sniffing).

To the office. Drop off all the company hardware previously at home, pick up a suitcase full of toys from my desk area to bring home.

Stopped into McDonalds at Pheasant's Nest on the way home. Highway stop. Ate two (2) Filet-O-Fish. Gemma had a Quarter Pounder. Molly and Paddy had a sniff.

Most enjoyable CDs over the 7+ hours: Pat Metheny "Letter From Home" & "Still Life Talking" (both on Geffen); MC 900 Foot Jesus "One Step Ahead of the Spider" (on Def American); New Order "Low Life" (on Factory, natch).

Home. Warm. Tomorrow is Sunday.