Saturday morning, and I'm enjoying my second espresso at the kitchen bench. Gemma is preparing for a drive to Sydney to see the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, which is tonight, up Oxford Street. Me? I'm preparing to take the home server down to install two kickass new 80Gb hard disks. We're planning to rip our whole CD collection (carefully this time!) and then we can sell the damn little silver disks for a couple of bucks each. It feels exciting and modern and radical (well, it's not Greenpeace-class radicalism, but it is calling for a leap of faith and let-go for all those posessions..)

Terrible to see all the animals being destroyed in the UK due to disease. What is it with English people and the way they care for their animals? Are they just unlucky or are they doing something fundamentally wrong?

I've been really calm since resigning from work last week. I met with my headhunter who is really bullish on my prospects. We had a nice lunch and talked for two hours, and he seems to really believe in me. He's putting me up at a number of companies, and beyond a dreamjob at IBM or DoCoMo he's got some intriguing ideas for me at Accenture and The Gartner Group.. I'm willing to design my future over three months, 'cause it's time now to get serious about career. I've worked too hard since leaving school to mess it up now.

Conspiracists alert: something very odd is happening in Columbia. Watch this space.