Another big day for me. Up at 6, shower (which is such a pleasure, the best thing about the morning now it's so frigid and frosty). Walked Molly, who had maximum fun as usual. The frost was so thick this morning, I can hardly believe that her little feet don't freeze off. She was a good dog this morning. Back home, two pots of coffee, hoping to not get coffee-psychosis (avoided it this morning).

Damn it feels good to have a wireless LAN. I sat in the kitchen and checked in on E2, which has become my morning ritual. I got one node cooled, which since I'm such a newbie, felt pretty good. Got to work on my emails, until I had to take Gemma to work (her second last day until she starts her new job in a fortnight). I was so happy to get back in and find my coffee still hot.

Mail arrived finally, and there was the cheque from Sydney for the first month's rent on our new office here in Canberra. Super cool. Spent the rest of the day organising the paperwork and seeing the estate agent. I was totally braindead up there though, I think 'cause I had two handfuls of cashew nuts for lunch. I think that my body just wants to shut down when it gets too much protein. /msged alex.tan to suggest he nodes protein but he tells me he's not a biochemist.

Collected Gemma and took her for a nice early dinner at Beluccis in Dickson. Home, walk Molly again, and check into E2. Happy to have my small but well formed family next to me. Gemma's watching telly, Molly is just being lovely...