Day started 90 minutes later than usual for me, around 8am. Seems I haven't had a good sleep-in for weeks now. My last 2 day weekend was at least 6 weeks back.

Still off the grog, over half way to my 3 month target

Wrote boring legal stuff for work for the first part of the day, installed a new NIC in Arvind's Mandrake box in the afternoon, taught him some rpm, organised Gemma's dinner, and went off to the CLUG meeting in almost sub-zero temperature this evening at the ANU. There to see a HTML::Mason demo. Seems that the whole Linuxcare team is in SF at the mo, so CLUG wasn't as organised as usual (tho that's not saying much for a LUG IMHO).

Left before pizza 'cause was missing E2 (sad, I know)

I roped a new noder in yesterday, akasha is well on her way to addiction and the inevitable fall.

Enjoying lblack's noding, but think he probably smokes too much.