The great grand E2G2G of the Sydney persuasion numero due occurred on Sunday the 11th of November 2001, starting at the legendary and definitely still cranky Kam Fook Sharks Fin Seafood Restaurant, in Sydney's Chinatown. It moved on to the Glenmore Hotel in The Rocks for beer, then to the roof-top of an undisclosed Sydney government building on the harbour, where the webcam at was hacked. Then to the rooftop of the Palisade Hotel for more refreshing bevvies, concluding back in Chinatown at BBQ King (yes, sneff, I am a pork slut.)

The following folks said Good-Bye depression:

alex.tan, Anjum, arkaem, freaek, Inoshiro_K, jt, Kalon, lignocaine, mellamaphone, Collin the Man with No Name, simonc, sneff, VirtualWolf

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