I dreamt that there was a credible third political party in the USA, and that it's leader, a social-democrat fellow of perhaps 50, distinguished and reasonable, had travelled to Australia to find a team of advisors from outside of the American political machine, to assist in his election.

I was picked after having a meal with this fellow, in the company of perhaps 12 others. I answered some question about high-tech policy and he printed a name sticker which he stuck to my upper left breast, which meant I had been selected.

I felt enormously proud and happy for this validation. I was to travel with the rest of the party to the US for three months, which was the time allocated for campaigning.

I felt that it was good to help a reasonable and enlightened politician into government, and especially good that it was only a three month commitment before returning to my real life.

Oddly, the soundtrack for the whole dream was "Cupid", that old '50's lovesong, by (I think) Frankie Valli. Weird.