Monday, 11:05am

Today I feel a strong sense of completion. Yesterday, Sunday, was our Internet Industry Association end-of-year defrag BBQ, held in the beautiful and leafy Telopea Park in Canberra. As this first annual event was basically my idea and project for the past month, that it went off really well makes me feel content and satisfied.

The day was great. 29 degrees, sunny with a nice breeze, around 60 people. We held a cricket match, with the geeks versus the suits. Peter Coroneos captained the suits, and I was nominated to captain the geeks. Although we lost (by 13 runs), our side had some standout players -- Tony Hill from ISOC-AU and Chris Yeo from Linuxcare ran over a dozen each, and Anton Blanchard (also Linuxcare - those boys swing!) was a fantastic wicket keeper. I bowled OK (none for six) but was out for a golden duck as opening batsman.

The bastard suits immolated the bails which were stored in a billy can to create a challenge to the geeks for next year. My brief defeat speech pointed out that the lawyers always win, anyway but the geeks get paid better. It was a fun day.

Menu for the day: organic & biodynamic beef sausages & lamb chops, conventional chicken breast marinades (honey soy, sweet chilli), Endeavour prawns, vegetatian frittati of sweet potato and eggplant. Turkish salads (tabouli & lentil, fetta & olive. Rock oysters, condiments, fresh fruit.

Today is a tidy-up day, prepare for a couple of days work in Sydney from tomorrow, with our work Christmas party on Wednesday... Should provide plenty of drama to report...