The cherry blossoms are starting to bloom in CBR. This means that spring is very close. The early blooms' fragrance can be enjoyed from a couple of paces before encountering the tree. They aren't as revered here in .au as they are in Nihon, but hell, what is?

Seems I've entered that delicious twilight zone of being on vacation, in my heart, just a little, before the vacation actually starts. I still can't quite believe that I've made it this far, four years without a meaningful break, then a year in anticipation of fully one month of fun and rest and more fun. And friends and sake and shopping and the unique state of being surrounded by millions of Japanese and being the foreigner for a change. Man, I can't wait.

Back home late last night, glad to be out of Olympic madness. The shopkeepers are more excited than the athletes, I reckon. Back to Sydney tomorrow, though, for a few hours, to meet with The Big Publisher.

W lied to me today, but I've stopped caring.