Saturday, I woke at 7am to let Molly outside, then crawled back under the doona to snuggle up with Gemma. It was one of those oh man this is so nice and warm feelings that was so delicious and precious and whole that I slept in that position, deeply, until 10am. I am so lucky.

Upon rising, checked my mail, and settled into E2 for a half hour of voting with some strong Illy coffee. I wish that there were a longer ENN, or one that allowed a complete listing of new nodes since my last logout. I dislike the feeling that I may have missed something really interesting or valuable to the nodesoup.

/msgs waiting for me included a couple from two folks who seem to be making an effort to help me over my aversion to mushrooms. This is an odd place, but I do like it...

Bundled Molly into the car and drove to Kingston for a walk around the shops. It was sunny but cold. Then to the supermarket in Manuka and on to the Fyshwick Markets where I had a great gastroporn chat with Russell from the delicatessen. Bought smoked chicken breast, King Island smoked cheese, olives, bread, sugarsnap peas, and tangellos so glossy they could be made of wax.

This pm, helped Gemma with her preparation for her course, starting Monday. Gave her a translucent orange pen to match her iBook, for luck. Tonight we'll go out for pizza. I've got a huge day of paperwork to look forward to tomorrow, so I'm gonna try to not log into E2 until the evening (give me strength!)

Today, my noding has been a continuation of my mission to commit the entire history of Sanrio to the database. Got another dozen or so characters researched and noded. I think I'll take Jinmyos advice and get some gastroporn into the database after I'm done with Sanrio.

27 days to my vacation