Today I had a lovely chat with Jinmyo about foodie stuff. She reckons that I should node some food things. I'm on such a Japanese roll* at the moment that I don't feel like I'll be up for air for days.

Did some very satisfying research on the history and current state of the yakuza, noded it all, and kept filling out the Sanrio panopoly of characters. Felt really good noding Shintaro Tsuji, a man I have great respect for.

An upshot of all the yakuza research is that I now have in my possession the complete list of "designated addresses" for the 35 most dangerous criminal groups in Japan. I've got a yen to visit the Tokyo-based groups. When sharing this little story with Gemma, was told I was a bloody idiot, why would anyone want to visit the yakuza at their headquarters?!? I told her that they all the best yakuza HQ's had a t-shirt concession. She was horrified, and threw a dishtowel at me when I couldn't keep a straight face any longer.

Cooked a tasty Bolognese sauce tonight wth biodynamic beef, served it on artisan penne and with organic brocolli, sugar-snap peas, and fresh corn kernels.

It's Friday night. I really should get off this thing.

* a Maki.