Drank lots of excellent black Illy coffee before 10am, ate a bowl of double-delicious Special K with Red Fruits cereal, feeling guilt that the milk was whole, and noded a dozen or so Sanrio characters with what I hope is adequate erudition. *cough* ;-)

I seem to have caused somewhat of a flap with yesterday's daylog, causing several folks to send hugs to Sensei (which can't have been a bad thing). I'm happy to know that Sensei is well and in good cheer.

Late this pm Gemma and Molly and I went into Civic to stock up on stuff from The Body Shop. Got a DVD and some organic chicken on the way home, I'll do a Sri Lankan curry tonight.

Work is still very odd. Storm clouds gather... or something...

The calendar button on my Palm V broke today, which annoyed me. I just hope that the local office isn't going to take a month to fix it, like the damn AppleCentre have with my PowerBook G3 which blew it's CPU. Still waiting for that.

Dinner was healthful and delicious. Little Molly's still got a rough guts so I've fed her some organic chicken and Nishiki rice -- her favourite meal is also the one that fixes her guts. I gave her a big handful, rice still warm from the Panasonic, chicken all nice and browned in a little olive oil, and she just adored it. Kept looking up at me from her bowl with grains of rice stuck to her whiskers with a look in her eye like "I can't believe my luck!" and "Oh man! This is delicious!". She'll sleep well tonight, with a full tum.

Tonight I have enjoyed the nodes of Jinmyo, eclip5e, girlotron, and uberfetus.