Commercial hair removal centers that use electrolysis or laser hair removal do not focus specifically on the female. They are willing to use these methods for guys, whether for facial hair, or body hair. However, they are not cheap - each laser session runs in the hundreds of dollars, and while electrolysis varies from $40 to $100 per hour, complete clearing of all facial hair can take hundreds of hours, depending on the type and thickness of that hair.

Heck, there are enough male-to-female transsexual clients removing that hair to make it worthwhile for some attention to be paid to that kind of hair removal.

As far as products to be used at home, there hasn't seemed to be much of an outcry from the male populace to convince companies to focus on it. After all, the face really isn't that big of an area, it doesn't take that long - and if you don't believe me, try shaving your legs just once - that's why better methods would be appreciated.

And perhaps a little more latitude given to guys as far as how close they're shaven as compared to women.