For starters: The V is roman for U ;-)

Subway to Sally is a german metal-band who make music of a genre called "Middle-Ages Metal". It's got smashing metal-feeling in the background whilst the foreground is dominated by flutes and vocals. The melodies are quite oldfashioned and at first you might find it VERY strange, but after a while you will love it so much you just can't get enough!
I think it's the perfect mixture of heavy stuff and folk/ethnic/acoustic. This is the reason why the people who visit their concerts are eiher metal- or middle-ages-freaks. The least are "normal" people. And then there are persons like me, who say it's the artistic value that makes SVBWAY so interesting for them.
I've been to a concert in June 2001 and it was the best decision I've ever made. So many different people and all of them jumping around and having fun. And at least half of them knew all the song lyrics by heart.

Their first album was pure metal and the lyrics were english (now they're all german), and it was of a minor quality. But since then (1994) they've brought four other albums whereof the first two were more middle-ages than metal. The newest one, "Herzblut" (meaning "heartblood") is VERY different. It's neither metal nor folk nor ethnic ... it's hard to describe ... it's somelike a mixture of rock, metal, folk/ethnic and electronic music. So it's very artistic, and it's the best of them all. So if you like either metal or the middle-ages and should ever have the chance to listen to one of their albums, YOU REALLY SHOULD, or I must say that you have TERRIBLY MISSED something! ;-)