I didn't want to daylog again so soon, but I need to get this out of my system before I can write anything else; you see--

I read the news, today, oh boy.

Well, no--I read it on Tuesday morning, after returning home from work, turning on the TV to watch a piece of the world burn and collapse, and logging into E2. Too much in 5 minutes...all at once.

I'm new here. I didn't know Hermetic.

He C!ed my black, sarcastic write-up about employee/management communications. I wondered, as usual, if this was a sign of personal taste or just the need to use a C!.

I didn't know his real name.

His day log bothered me, but I kidded myself that Everything is a Community was a sign of hope, and wrote him a supportive message. He replied with a silly note about my name.

I didn't know he was just rehearsing his valediction.

You son of a bitch.

I don't want to write anything else about this. I can't. I didn't know him.

So I'll just add this.

I'm only mad because you didn't give me enough time to know you.