I decided that I'm going to go ahead and win tomorrow's lottery - it's 60 million bucks. I could do a lot with that kind of dough. Besides, I'm bored. I want to travel. And I want to give all of the DESERVING members of my family a wad of money so that I can lord over their behaviors in hope of making them become healthy and functional, self-actualized people according to my master plan. I will, of course, nonchalantly snub the nondeserving members of my family and let them find out "through the grapevine" that I won a bunch of money. And when they call me to give me a hard time, I have this great diatribe all thought out in which I rebuke them of their past sins against me, my deserving family members, and themselves. I explain that they've never done anything good for humanity and that I don't have to give them anything because it would just cause further suffering to themselves and others. (Maybe I don't want to actually win the money...maybe I just want some justification to be awful the child molesting, thieving, drug abusing alcoholic portion of my biological family...) Then I'm going to buy a huge plot of land and build a mammoth Earth Ship on it. Then, I'm going to get a small tribe of similarly minded friends together and we're all going to go and live there. I will make occasional trips to Europe and other places...exotic places...places that you've heard of but only remember that they exist when you hear their name on television or read it in a book. I'm going to get my beautiful, but crazy, nine-year-old daughter into the best therapist money can buy. And I'm going to buy her a human to play with, like Richard Pryor in the movie "Toy". And then I'm going to start a business making all hemp clothing. I'm going to grow huge fields of hemp and have a team of scientists working on making the most incredible things out of it - it'll be the wave of the future - plus it will be easy to hide my field of marijuana in the middle of it.