In early October of 2002, a serial sniper began shooting an apparently random list of people throughout Maryland, Virginia, and DC. The following is a list of his victims to date.

          Date/Time          Location                                      Dist to nearest Michaels Crafts
#0      9/14,           near a liquor store, Silver Spring, MD
#1	10/2,  5:20pm	Michaels Crafts, Aspen Hill MD                  target of attack
#2	10/2,  6:04pm	Shoppers FW, Wheaton MD                         2.7 miles
#3	10/3,  7:41am	Fitsgerald Auto Mall, White Flint MD            6 miles
#4	10/3,  8:12am	Mobil gas station, Aspen Hill MD                0.4 miles
#5	10/3,  8:37am	Post office, Silver Spring MD                   1.5 miles
#6	10/3,  9:58am	Shell gas station, Kensington MD                4.2 miles
#7	10/3,  9:20pm	Street corner (Georgia & Kalmia), NW DC     
#8	10/4,  2:30pm	Michaels Crafts, Fredricksburg, VA              victim in Michaels parking lot
#9	10/7,  8:08am	Benjamin Tasker Middle School, Bowie MD         3 miles
#10	10/9,  8:18pm	Sunoco Gas station, Manassas VA                 1.45 miles
#11	10/11, 9:40am	Exxon gas station, Fredricksburg, VA            6 miles
#12     10/14, 9:30pm   Home Depot, Falls Church, VA                    same shopping center
#13     10/19, 7:59pm   Ponderosa restaurant, Ashland, VA               7 miles (Glen Allen, VA)
#14     10/22, 5:56am   Passenger bus, Aspen Hill, MD

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Some interesting facts

  • It is currently unknown whether incident #0 is truly linked to the other shootings. Ballistics tests were inconclusive.
  • Near the scene of attack #9, a Tarot death card was found bearing the writing "Dear policeman, I am God"
  • After attack #11, police completely shut down Interstate 95 for hours while they search that road for two suspects in a white van (possibly a Chevrolet Astro which was seen leaving the scene of the crime, colliding with other vehicles.
  • In the first attack, the sniper apparently missed his target, a clerk standing inside the Michaels craft store.
  • The other attacks left 10 dead and 3 wounded (#8, #9 and #13).
  • A key witness to attack #12 was charged with filing a false police report regarding the incident.
  • An expert sniper-in-training from the French school Saint-Cyr has been reported to have not returned from an August trip to the US and Canada.
  • On 10/23, it was announced that the sniper had requested the police state that they had the sniper caught "like a duck in a noose".

Some theories I've heard

  • He's been seen w/ a partner/spotter, so maybe he's had military training.
  • He doesn't own a white vehicle. After one was spotted near an early shooting, he made sure to only shoot when a white van or box truck was nearby.
    • evidence: After incident #10, police searched for a white van that was spotted driving away from the shooting. The driver of that van later came to the police & explained that he drove by the scene but was not involved.