I was once a critic who saw mosh pits and crowd surfing as an excuse to push, shove and all the rest of those violent, angst-ridden teenage tendencies. But then I tried it. Don't knock it 'til you've tried it, right? In the middle of a pit at an Offspring concert, a complete stranger asks if I wanted to go up. I thought to myself, "what the hell," and I did.

I have never felt as above the world as I did that first time. Literally, I looked down upon a constantly gyrating mass of people, hands and faces, but the exhilaration of seeing it all from above, feeling completely untouchable (no pun intended) and having time freeze for what seemed like an eternity... it blew me away. It is a feeling unparalleled - undescribable and amazing.

Obviously not something for the faint of heart or body, there is always the possibility of being dropped on your head at any given time. However, there is risk in everything we do, and it is that sense of risk that makes it all the more fun.