near the old sideroads
which now all look the same
a man appeared from nowhere
and silently called my name

tripping over stars
as i walked past you that day
you said "come here to oblivion -
it's just right this way..."

i say
cry along the river
let me die beside the pain
let me reach out to the bright lights
slowly melt into the rain

can i
freeze beside the prophets
then laugh and face the train?
if i touch the flower's petals
will you say a prayer for the insane?

will you smile one day for me
if i sing songs at their graves?
can you close your eyes and see
that none of us will be saved?

will i be forgiven
if i look and turn away?
if i shake myself for hours
so i won't have to face the day?

but here
the sun steals all the colour
the moon steals all the shame
the people are all jaded
the stars go up in flames.