For those who have seen this lighter trick in action, you know how cool it is. For those who have not, trust me on this one, it's an impressive sight. It helps to be a pyromaniac.

Basically, what happens is with a closed fist, one lights a lighter into the fist and when the hand is opened, a flame appears. It's actually a lot easier than it looks, for those who aren't afraid of fire.

Disclaimer: If you end up burning your hand to ashes and cooked meat, it's not my fault.

1. Make a closed fist with one hand (for this example, we will have the lighter in the right and the closed hand on the left) leaving a space inside the palm area. To make sure you've got this part right, stick out your right index finger and grab it with the left hand. Make sure your right index finger doesn't stick out the end of your closed hand. Remove your right hand from your left.
2. Put the lighter near the closed hand, pointing the end where the fire comes out into the space in the left hand.
3. With your right thumb, press down on the button that allows gas to leave the lighter. Direct this gas into the space in your closed left hand.
4. After about 5-10 seconds of releasing the gas, light the lighter. Allow the gas to set fire inside your left hand for half a second before opening your left hand to see a flame emerge.
5. Impress people who are easily impressed.