Today was one of those days that just plain sucked.

Started off as usual, rolling out of bed still in a semi-conscious sort of state, but it went downhill very soon.

I've got the radio making lame attempts to inject energy into my otherwise zombied mind, and the next thing I know, the car in front of me has stopped and I slam on the brakes, not really knowing what was going on.

If you've ever been in a car accident, you know the feeling. I saw the 2000 Toyota Celica get bigger and bigger until I realized that I wasn't going to stop in time.


The first car, an old Volkswagen, had stopped at the pedestrian crossing so abruptly that the Celica, also unable to brake, slammed into the Volks. Me, in a daze in my Jeep TJ (which doesn't really have the best brakes, I must admit), then proceeded to slam into the Celica.

It all happened so fast, I didn't really have time to digest it all. Everyone got out of the cars and inspected the damage. Lucky for us all there was no damage to any of the cars. Without bothering to talk about it, the guy in the first car leaves. After exchanging information, the second guy and I leave as well.

Probably a pretty boring story up till this point, I must admit. A routine bumper car act, nothing so special, right? I guess it would have been routine, except for the fact that the lights weren't blinking at the crosswalk, nor was there anyone crossing the street. This guy in the Volks just decided to stop for no apparent reason in the middle of the street. It's still the fault of the cars behind, but I found that kind of odd. That and the fact that he left before we could get his licence.

Oh well. It was one of those days. I arrived at school five minutes later to the cheering of a bunch of friends who had seen me blocking off a lane of traffic but failed to stop and see if things were alright. Heh, some friends. :P

The funny thing is, it didn't really get much better from there.