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What we [white people] in the U.S. tend to forget is that we are the only ones who have the luxury of ignoring race. We can ignore it because it does not effect us negatively, in general. Race (via [racism]) does affect people who are not white. Certainly a lot more than it affects white people. We white people can easily live, eat, work, etc. around people who will not hate, mistreat, disrespect, or insult us based on our skin color (for the most part). Hispanics, Indians, etc. are not assured of this at all. For white people to say "get over race" or "ignore color" is then a little like saying "stop whining, there's no problem," when clearly there is enough of a problem that this topic gets considerable attention. The fact that you are reading this proves my point that white people who say "forget race" are in fact [implicit] (unwitting and not necessarily malicious, but nonetheless dangerous) racists. Do not hate [implicit racists]. I was one and probably I am one still in ways I don't see, so don't hate me. Better to point out racism where you see it and allow people the opportunity and dignity of admitting a mistake and correcting it.