Black Talon -- A line of personal defense handgun bullets made by Winchester. The original Black Talon handgun bullet was designated the SXT and was introduced in 1991. The cartridge consists of a black colored bullet seated in a nickel-plated case. The black paint-like coating on the bullet, from which part of the name is derived, is a Winchester proprietary lubricant called Lubalox. The "talon" part of the name comes from the design of the metal at the tip -- six serrations on the rim of the hollowpoint cavity, and six talons. The talons deploy when the bullet expands. They were described by the manufacturer as: "six uniform, radial jacket petals with perpendicular tips." Winchester voluntarily discontinued sales of Black Talon SXT to the general public a few years later due to intense negative media and political pressure. Some political activists derisively referred to it as "Black Felon" ammo.