Evil Corporate Empires and their Evil CEOs

I was watching a movie this weekend and something interesting came to mind. The movie had the usual evil coprporation, run by the usual evil CEO who was going to kill a lot of people to achieve greedy ends. What struck me was this: when was the last time you saw a corporation or high-ranking business person portrayed in a good light on TV or in a movie?

I watch a fair number of movies and some TV (but not much network TV, so maybe I've missed something) and I can't think of a single example in the last 10 or 15 years. There probably are some, but the fact that I can't remember any probably means there are few.

Counter examples, where evil corporations and their CEO's are the plot backbone of a large percentage of hollywood's output. It wasn't always so. You see benevolent corporations and CEO's and bank presidents and newspaper editors all the time in 1950's movies. I guess the mistrust of business was a 1960's thing, I'm not sure.

Anyone with recent examples of good corporations or CEO's can /msg me. Maybe I'll work up a real node with examples of both.