Woodrow Wilson, known as a progressive leader, was in fact a white supremacist who personally vetoed a clause on racial equality in the Covenant of the League of Nations

I don't know about the rest of this, but this one is pure drivel. I've read more than one biography of Woodrow Wilson (not glowing ones, either, he's not looked back on with much fondness) and he was certainly not a white supremacist. He was a pain-in-the-ass moral straight arrow and he bungled the post-WWI negotiations (leading directly to WWII), but he wasn't a white supremacist.

He did have some disagreements with his party (Democrats) and the way they conducted business in the south, and I suppose this is where this kooky author gets the twisted idea that he was a white supremacist. As for the League of Nations, that's a very long story with a lot of politics, but no single individual from any nation got to personally veto anything.

Look at it this way, if you were writing a book about lies in other history books, wouldn't you be looking as hard as possible for ways to justify outrageous claims about historical figures?