Friday is a song sung by Rebecca Black and produced by ARK Music Factory.   It was released on YouTube and became huge.  


It has been panned as one of the worst songs of all time.  But not everyone knows why.  Here are the top 10 reasons why, in my opinion, it is one of the worst songs I've ever heard.


1. Song is poorly written.  - It is way too repetitive, the lyrics are terrible.

2. Song is ultrapop.  It is meant to be very pop sounding, and it overdoes it.

3. Rebecca Black has a somewhat annoying nasaly voice.  She is reasonably on tune, but her voice is grating. 

4. Song is inconsistant.  It says she's trying to catch a school bus, when suddenly, her friends drive up in a convertible.  

5. Song makes her seem stupid.  It explains that yesterday was Thursday, today is Friday, tomorrow is Saturday, and Sunday comes afterwards.  Now I personally can't recall a time when I didn't know the days of the week.  You don't even teach that to your kids.  It's that well known.  This makes it quite funny.

6. Song is very autotuned.  

7. Song features a rapper much older than the kids.

8. Song has prepubecent kids, which tends to annoy older audiences, who want more mature music.

9. Everyone in the video seems super rich.  Fancy cars and homes inherited from parents does not go down well.

10.  The perfect combination.  Every now and then, the stars allign to create the most perfectly sucky song ever heard.  Thanks to YouTube, it has become much easier.

This one goes to 11.

11. Song is extremely happy and cheerful.  In combination with the above reasons it makes it annoying.


My guess is that Rebecca Black will become a famous personality.  She seems like a nice girl.