Much have been written on E2 about issuing a driver's license in different parts of the world, the requirements for it and the process itself. I hope that this node will become a home for all those poor scattered write-ups.

Location: Israel.

In Israel, any person at the age of 17 or older can be issued a driver's license. In contrast to many other places in the world, in Israel you are required to learn how to drive with a teacher who was trained for it and is associated with one of the driving schools across the country. The minimum number of driving lessons required before taking the driving exam now stands at 28. You are allowed to take the driving exam only after you have passed the written exam. The written exam consists of 30 questions with 4 options to each; you may have up to 4 wrong answers to pass the exam. After you have passed the written exam and have taken 28 driving lessons, if your driving teacher agrees that you are in fact ready, you may decide it is time to take the driving exam.

If you fail the driving exam, are you required to take several more driving lessons and wait a period of 15 days (many teachers will have you wait 2 months).

Statistically, only 5% actually pass their first driving exam, most people nail it on the second or third try, some require up to 6 exams, and others may need even more to do it right.

In the first two months after you have passed the driving exam, you may not drive alone and you are required to be accompanied by another driver who has a valid driver's license for the past 5 years.

You are considered a new driver in the first two years and are required to have a little yellow 'New Driver' sign attached to your rear window. You are also a young driver until the age of 24, resulting in increased insurance payments.

The driver's license is one of the 3 identification documents in Israel, the others are a social id card and a passport.

An Israeli driver's license is valid in dozens of other countries, too many to name.