As a democratic society (which I have found is very easy to blur along with communism), don't we, the people, have a right to voice what should be legal and what should not? I am not defending stealing copyrighted material.

A lot of us are genuinely pissed because the music industry (namely the RIAA) has given us bullshit. They've pined about how the artists get screwed over, when really, it's the music industry that keeps the profit. The artists see very little of their hard work come back to them. Sure, Metallica can speak because they have sold MILLIONS of albums. Their livelihood is at stake, whereas smaller artists must turn to other sources of income just to keep putting out the music we love. Artists have complained about the "ruthless" music industry for years. As an artist, this angers me. As an American citizen, it angers me all the more. Still, I am not defending stealing.

Who has the choice here? The American people or Corporate America? ...

Often, times move in directions that make us uncomfortable. That's the sting of change. Culture shock, even. Money is becoming less powerful than the intellect of the individual. Corporate America won't go down without a fight.