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My name is Dan. I'm a 20 year old sophmore at The College of New Jersey (history major).

I was born at a very young age in Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia, PA. I was transfered to intensive care within four minutes of my birth, as I couldn't breathe. I was off to a great start. The doctors never agreed on a diagnosis, and I was a healthy boy by my first birthday.

My first home was Woodburry Heights, NJ. I do not remember this place at all.

I moved to Wilmington, DE, at age 5, when my father was transfered. I will always look back on my eight years there as happy ones. There, I made great friends, found my first love, learned to ride a bike, and all of the other important experiences of youth. So, needless to say, when my father lost his job and we moved to Mount Olive, NJ, I quickly said my goodbyes and never returned again.

This last move occured over the winter break of seventh grade. It was very hard on me, and I learned the art of stoicism. Depression was not to be tolerated. Middle school was a fantastic waste of time, and I spent high school proving to myself that I was better than the average bear. Having graduated from Mount Olive High School in 2004, my fingers number my true friends, and I have trouble making new ones. I am socialiable enough, but the solid bonds just aren't there. I am convinced that I will stay in contact with few, if any, of my college friends after graduation.

On the lighter side, I am a smart and successful young man, sure to find my way in the world. Let's face it, as an upper-class white male, I really having nothing worry about; I will always be able to pay for food and shelter, even if I have to forgoe the BMW. The last thing I want to be taken from this bio is that I am a sullen, angry person; to the contrary, I think that I am quite likeable, although a bit odd. But I've come to the realization that I am happy only in that I am not sad, and that true joy is rare and fleeting. Still, it is something to work for, and I suppose this is the life I lead, so I have no other options. The future is a worrisome but promising place, and I am waiting to find that which will make me truly happy.