I saw something amazing yesterday.
It was a british TV advertising selling a product to help to give up smoking. And at the bottom of the screen were these two words:

Willpower required

Can you believe this? In an era where brain abilities are underestimated in favour of technology this comes as a novelty.
It almost shocked me. Advertisers by definition treat us like children whose every whim can be realised instantly with money. Nothing seems impossible provided you take the right pills/buy the right car/drink the right soda: being sexier, more successful, or freer (I'm sorry but I can't help laughing on that last one). And there was these words saying: "Sorry mate but on this one you are pretty much on your own. We can help but in the end this is your life. It's time to start willing things".
Could it be the beginning of a new area of marketing? I doubt it. But for a short while it reminded me that, in the end, I only get what I fight for.