Here I am. I am officially unemployed. I just have finished my studies.
Once again I feel in control of my destiny. I could go anywhere, I already crossed a border, why not another? I have no strong ties, no girlfriend (sigh) to keep me back. The options are numerous indeed.

I looked at the business cards we gave each other and I am already missing this lot. The funny thing is that I profoundly hate the city in wich I was stranded for four long years with them. Yet, despite myself, it is now meaningful to me. It is not the place but the people that you met and the things you have done there. It has become part of my history. The black and white photographs on these cards already look dated and old, smiles from a distant past. Nostalgia takes me. That's how it is I believe: I may spend time in the most horrid hole in the ground and yet, because of everything else, I sort of get a sympathy for this place.

Oh, and:

My love is gone


I hate saying goodbye in cars. Especially somebody else's. It's cramped, you have no privacy, you always seem in a hurry, even when it is the last time you will ever see that person.

I miss her already.