Well, well , well. A disastrous day that is.
First, a definite and ultimate fight with a female friend of mine over the internet, she knows very well what hurts, because I did my share too. Second, a fail on my last exam. Meaning: I WILL NOT get the degree I was hoping for, whatever I do from now on, I will probably get one, but not a reasonable one. I wasted 4 years of my life and my parent's money on that, and now what?

My ego is sinking. My future looks muddier than my garden at the end of a raining week. I feel like shit. Quick, Quick, "if an ego emergency occurs, open the pack", what's in? A picture of home taken by Voyager 1, 6.5 billions kilometers away; a note: "Can you see yourself on this picture?" Uhh no, earth is less than a pixel. I turn the card : "put things in perspective". Great.

I breathe, well after all, the degree you get only appear on your CV, most of the time, in my branch, employers look at your portfolio straight away. Is it the only thing I can do anyway? Mmmh no of course. I often questionned my choice of studies, what was the point in it. Keep a cool head man. You need dis-ci-pline. Fine

Back to work.