We wonder if It ever existed
If It lays nested among other thoughts
So we try to find if It does
In our each and own way

Some use science
Some use mathematics
They think It's logic
But really, It's what ever we think It is

And so It finds Its way out
Far from what we thought
And each time we think
It moves five paces back

And when we come back to Earth
From outer space, It comes back
But no one pays attention
So It cries and flies back
Into the sea

And each time It weeps
The volcanoes erupt with anger
But no one cares
So It turns up the volume
To cover Its tears

We try to call It back
And all It seems to do is come forward
But we don't care about It
All we care about is hanging up the phone
The next time someone calls

And when It calls you hang up immediately
Because that's all you care about
So It picks up a tooth brush
To clean the grit between Its teeth
But there's no teeth to clean
So It waxes the floor

It sleeps now
Tired from Its rested day
And dreams of tommorow

And you go to bed eating a fortune cookie
And you think about what the fortune cookie said;
You never thought of It before
But now you come to wonder
If that something is really nothing.

-- Shayne Kasai, 1997