The worst feeling when you're up in the mountains is the feeling of disorientation. If you're trying to find your way, you should find north to orientate your position.

A compass will save your life. A compass will indicate magenetic north, but it is off about 22 degrees east in British Columbia (if you happen to be on the coast like me).

If you do not have a compass, you can easily build one.

Another method of locating north is by finding the pole star. To find north with the pole star, face the star, and you are facing north. To find the pole star, look for the Big Dipper, the pole star is above the and of the dipper (near the cup).

You can also find north using the sun, and a watch. Position your watch so that the hour hand points directly to the sun. The bisecting angle between the hour hand at twelve o'clock points to north and south. For example, if it is 8AM, the bisecting angle would traverse 10:00 (south) to 4:00 (north).