If you have years of yoga training, you might have the ability to do the above node, but if you're normal like me, you may want a practical method of levitation.

The first step to levitation is to practice in front of your dog or cat.

Stand approximately 10 to 20 feet away from the audience. You will want to have an audience with no more than three people. Face your audience at a slight angle. Practice in front of a mirror if you can, then you can find the best angle/distance ratio.

Keep your feet together, and slowly lift your body up with your other leg until you are on the tip of your toes, which will remain on the ground. Because of the angle and distance that you are facing the audience, it will appear that you are levitating. All though you will only levitate a few inches, your audience will be most impressed. Don't forget to come back down.

Angle is important! If you have the wrong angle, the whole trick will be ruined! This method of levitation is called the Balducci method.