Slang for something cheap or of poor quality (most typically clothes, drapery or furniture; or other things upholstered) but can be used for any item which is of poor quality. Can also indicate a fabric, wallpaper or other item of design which is humble in design or ugly. From chintz, a type of cheap cotton fabric typically decorated with very simple, repetitive designs.

"Estelle, what on earth possessed you to buy those chintzy slipcovers?"

"Celie, to protect the furniture in my living room! — And what possessed you to buy the chintzy slipcovers in your living room?"

"Oh, the plastic ones? At least you can see the expensive crushed velvet upholstery through them!"

Fran Drescher is the arbiter of what's chintzy or not. Suffice it to say that to Ms. Drescher, everything is chintzy that a) fails to have adhered to it a "designer" label, b) is not an animal print, c) ain't made of silk, wool, or 100% rayon.