It was with great delight that I read today that our beloved paraclete is now a content editor.

Occasional visits to E2 during the hectic and bittersweet goings-on connected with my father's funeral friday (how's that for awful alliteration) have revealed a whole crop of writers whose names are unfamiliar to me. This is a good thing. Things seemed to be kinda stagnant during the summer months.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, my friends here at E2 provided messages of love and support that were great for my karma.

Dad died two Fridays ago. I was holding his left hand, and his minister the other. My family arrived shortly thereafter.

The ensuing week was just a blur.

Among the good stuff: his congregation was sooo supportive and loving, despite that I am basically a complete stranger to them; at the funeral, I had the pleasure of being surprised by no fewer than ten people that I'd regrettably fallen out of touch with, they came after seeing his obituary; finally, the funeral service was just beautiful and very progressive (in a Unitarian church) and provided a lot of closure for me.

Among the bad stuff: mother was acting out much more so than usual - to be expected, though. The worst was that the jazz combo that I'd retained (at dad's request) to play before and after the funeral upped the $$ ante two days before the event by 60%. I was furious but couldn't, given the situation, say no. As the cosa nostra so aptly put it, "revenge is a platter best eaten cold."

I look forward to noding as actively as ever in the coming weeks. I must get used to going back to work, today, with a meeting in New York. My brother leaves for L.A. on Tuesday, and I'll be alone to tend to mom and the house.

Who knows how I'll grieve. I'm either at peace now, or numb; don't know which. I just feel "too good," in my opinion, for someone who's just lost their dad.

More later, and my best to all of you!

- shaogo