A Trip Down Memory Lane

Greetings, noders!

It's been awhile since I've been here. A couple of days off due to illness (nothing fatal) gives me time to come over to this side of the Inter-web to say hello.

During an egotistical trip down memory lane (read: I'm re-reading my nodes from years ago) I ran across some comments and additions from lots of people. I loved so much including other noder's comments as post-scripts for my writings. After this afternoon, however, I've accumulated a list of nodes that I'd promised to up-date but haven't yet.

I'm weeping, now, reading grundoon's yummy addition to deep fried foods in the restaurant: "hush puppies". Thinking about her healthy and with an appetite to tell me her favorite fryalator creations just led to water-works from my eyes.

The frying in the restaurant piece just brought back to me the wonderful, collective nature of what we do here. Other noders contributed perhaps 30% of that story by the time it was done.

I know what you may be thinking: "well... WRITE SOMETHING!" -- I tried. But right now I'm reminiscing and just taking time to breathe; the new restaurant (www.arenapatio.com) is keeping me busy but very happy.

The most important thing to tell y'all right now is that although my ex-wife remains a rock of support in my life, there's a dude in my life now who's making it worth living all over again. Yes, folks... a d-u-d-e. He's 46 but looks 30 and what on earth he's doing with my paunchy, greying ass only the Good Lord knows. But it's been working since long before I went to China last summer and it continues to work. We respect each other and have a great deal of affection for one another. He's moved into the big house but he has his own floor - boundaries are important.

Meanwhile, I'm listening to music on-line while writing this (and, coders, by the way, LOVING the WYSIWYG interface which makes things ever so much easier for a non-coder like me).

All my love,