My mother has emerged from her broken hip incident with a remarkably new outlook on life. Therefore, thankfully, one of the more intense stressors in my life is gone. Karma to the rescue!

We closed on our new house (the one I wanted to have a nodermeet in; but the look of sheer terror on my wife's face when I mentioned having 5-10 out-of-towners painting and partying and singing and eating etc. cooled me to that idea.) Y'all can still come by anytime but it'll be restaurant, sightseeing and an all-suites hotel for everyone (on my dime).

I thought I was getting Park Place but it turned out to be Baltic Avenue...

I told wifey that we'd need to capitalize our new real estate venture with at least $50,000. Come to find out, we're broke (on paper). I don't wanna sell securities that've just split and are doing really well. So as repugnant as I find the idea we're gonna engage in the good ole American Way of Credit. I'll still be making more money leaving the money we have in investments where it is, to make money, and borrowing at 5.95%. It makes me really nervous though, carrying so many liabilities. Income ain't that great either because no fewer than 4 other restaurants similar to ours have opened in our area and the fickle public wants to check 'em out.

Well, it took loquacious shaogo three paragraphs to get where I wanted to go. The second season of the Orgy of Eating and Buying is now long past and you know what? It made it okay just knowing that my Dad was looking down and enjoying the usual mayhem vicariously. My struggle with depression intensified early in December but I'm now happy to say it's gone and I'm back to rockin' and rollin' like my usual self.

You know Paul, you can really be a dick sometimes!

Allow me to offer an apology to anyone who caught me in a bad mood last month; I *know* I behaved like a dick to a couple of folks here and have made individual apologies but who knows, my moods tend to overflow onto other people and I'm awfully myopic about where my vitriol overflows.

Finally, I really don't care to post editor logs unless I see a trend or feel it necessary. So here's a mini-ed-log: I am just amazed at the quality and quantity of new users that're coming online. I'm working with 2 of them so that means between writing and reading every writeup my sessions on E2 are becoming 2-3 hour affairs. What do I care? I wouldn't like to be anywhere else in cyber-space. (Oh, if someone wants to loan me their time-share in St. Maarten, I'll bring the laptop there. But that ain't cyber-space!)

I ain't a fabulous writer. One of my biggest failings is that I don't even scribble down an outline; thus you get my "conversational tone" which is oft downvoted because when folks want an essay, dammit, they want an essay! So working with others on the very basics (even proper use of apostrophes) is as helpful to me as it is to them.

It's been a "bumpy evening" to quote Bette Davis but it's so refreshing to now draw back the dark curtains and look out at the clouds lit by sunshine!