New York City

Here's something that disproves "There is no such thing as a free lunch." Well, it's not lunch, but it's breakfast and dinner free but for the trouble of a little walk (or subway ride) out of one's way. It's Grade A free food according to "A Treatise on the Classifications and Grades of Costless Consumption," located hereinabove.

How to be prepared

  • Dress can be casual, but should be clean and stylish.  Business attire is best, though; just a jacket.  No need for a tie.
  • Your goal is to look like you're a weary business executive trying to relax and refresh a bit.
  • You can't look like a tourist, nor gawk at everything.  You need to stride confidently about.  If you look like a wide-eyed ragamuffin from Podunksville in the midwest this may not work for you.
  • If you're self-conscious about the minuscule chance you'll be discovered, your admission card will be mailed to you upon application for Hilton Hhonors membership. Application is free. Click on the Hilton Hhonors tab at

When in New York, visit the Hilton Hotel "New York" at 1335 Avenue of the Americas (equivalent to 6th Avenue; Avenue numbers get higher as you go westward) in-between West 53rd and West 54th Streets.  Take the No. 1 or the A Subway line to the 50th Street station (local stop).  The New York Hilton is a very large "glass box" that is elegant in its slenderness. ( Late Night with David Letterman is shot in a studio one block west at the corner of 7th Avenue and 53rd Street.)

Modus Operandi

The elevators to the Hilton Hhonorsâ„¢ lounge are located on the Avenue of the Americas side of the building; the parking garage is on the opposite side of the building.  Take the elevator to the 44th floor. The "Executive Lounge" is on your left after you exit the elevator and face the hallway wall (and the entrance to the Presidential Suite).  Now is the time to act and look the part. The Executive Concierge will be on the right, along with a sign that says "Hilton Hhonors Members Only." Cast your gaze to the left, head straight for the bar and sit down.

If you're stopped by a member of the staff on the way in, show the Hilton Hhonors Card that you got in the mail according to procedure described hereinabove. It's good to accompany flashing the card with a creative white lie like "I'm waiting for my Sales Manager to get here to check-in."


  • A breakfast buffet is served starting at about 7 o'clock in the morning and is cleaned up by 11:00.  Good stuff, including scrambled eggs, sausages, french toast, and both bread and fruit displays.  Coffee is free.  Juices are available at the handsome little bar off to the side for about US$3.50.
  • The bar opens at noon.  There's no food out but for bar snacks.  There is no charge for water nor soft drinks, but there's a charge for cocktails, beer and wine.  The prices are on the low side of moderate in New York City terms.
  • Hors d'oeuvres that really consist of a light supper are put out in the afternoon about 4:30.  The fruit and cheese display, which includes good brie, is refilled throughout the evening, until the food ceases at about 9:00 p.m.

The View From The Top

The sweet part about the New York Hilton is that the place that serves you all these goodies, the Executive Lounge, has floor-to-ceiling windows which face East, South, and West.  The view will take your breath away (unless you work in a high-rise and are jaded about these things).  There are seating areas with chairs and tables near the windows, and sofas and coffee tables farther into the room.  Nibbling on a shrimp in puff pastry canape accompanied by a lovely Sauvignon Blanc at the classy little bar whilst watching the world go by out the windows is kinda like being rich for a night.