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The email new users currently receive (as of 17/02/07), complete with unparsed square brackets and HTML tags...

Hey there. Welcome to Everything.

Here's the skinny:

username: (the chosen user name)
passwd: (a random password)
real(tm) name: (as specified during signup)

to login go to:;

and you can find your homenode at:

love, the management


<p>[E2] can be a very, very confusing place at first. This
website has grown from being a very simple user-written
encyclopedia (see [E1]) to a very complex online community
with a focus to write, publish and edit a quality database
of information, insight and humor. When you make an account here you join not only a team of dedicated writers
but an entire micro-society and community with its own pop
culture, politics, beauty and blunders. It's not perfect.
In fact, it can be pretty messy. It's cool as hell, though...<p>

<p>So that helps.<p>

<p>Anyway, I know this is a lot of reading here and it can all be overwhelming at first. I highly recommend you just read and surf around the website for the first few days and give yourself the time to figure stuff out. See what's happening in the chatterbox and note the style and quality of writeups appearing on the [Page of Cool] and what the general userbase favors in the [Cool Archive].<p>

<p><b>E2 is not for everybody.<b> It's definitely not for the terribly impatient. Please take your time here and think long-term. After all, we're working on a project that can never be completed. Just help us out for awhile...see if you don't get back more than you give. You may be surprised. On the other hand, you will find it very unforgiving to those who hastily and thoughtlessly post whatever comes to mind with no regard for the way things are done on E2 and with no idea of the type of content that's welcome and appreciated.<p>


<p>Some of the nodes and documents that will help guide you through the confusion that can be Everything can be found at the [Tip of the Day] node. The [Everything FAQ] and [Everything University] are also hard-linked into your Epicenter nodelet and the [VotingExperience System] document will help explain how the level system works here.<p>

<p>It can all be overwhelming, as I've said. If you need any help at all please don't hesitate to check out the [E2 Mentoring Sign-Up] page, through which a member of the administration will swiftly assign someone to personally guide you through the traps and pitfalls that await the unwary. There are also dozens of users who would be happy to take the time to help you get comfortable here. In the side bar, under "Other Users," you will also find individuals with a $ or @ sign next to their usernames. These are the editors and administrators, and you should consider them to be available to answer questions at any time. All you have to do is ask. You're not bothering anyone by doing so. We welcome it.<p>

<p> I'll see you on [Everything New Nodes]...</p>