Croatian is another Slavic language, and it has very similar verbal prefixes. (Because of this, I first /msged vilk to add them to his node but he thought that I should node it myself.) The verb "to write" is "pisati" in Croatian. Here are the differences/additions:

The missing ones:

  • "ispisati" ("izpisati") ("iz" means "out of" or "from") which means to write out.
  • "propisati", which means to prescribe. (Interestingly, doctors do tend to scribble their prescriptions :-)

The different ones:

  • "nadpisati" is never (or hardly ever) used.
  • "odpisati" (or "otpisati") means to write off.
  • "podpisati" is also written "potpisati".
  • "popisati" means to write a list.
  • prze(d)pisac' is "prepisati".
  • przy(d)pisac' is "pripisati".
  • "raspisati" (or "razpisati") means to write at length (lengthily).
  • "spisati" isn't used. There is one used word that uses it, "spisateljica", which means female writer.

No idea about ws-/wy-, I'm not too familiar with Polish spelling. (Hints welcome!)