A miraculous invention by the beer companies. Consists of a plastic ball with about a five gallons of beer inside. Packaged in a box lined with plastic for the placement of ice, the contraption has a valved port where a disposable tap device can be attached. Small, portable, and anonymous (you usually have to register a keg), the partyball is a favorite weapon of the hardcore high school partyer. At about twenty five dollars for the ball, and ten for the reusable tap, it has the ability to get a large number of high school kids wasted for a relatively small amount of money. When empty, the tap can be cut out and the amber tinted ball can by used as space helmet (trust me, it's cool when your a puddle).

Manufactured by Anheuser-Busch and Coors, partyballs are only available in states with high instances of binge drinking such as North Dakota.