Dealing with stress... I can sympathize with where cbustapeck is coming from. Stress seems to be part of our daily grind nowadays. Got to get the "A", got to get the debt paid off, got to avoid getting shot, got to impress dear old dad, got to get into the right circle, got to feed the kids... it all depends on who you are. Everyone has their own source of stress. No answers from me, just thought I'd sympathize.

Meanwhile, life goes on. I can't believe that I've been here in Boston two years... time has flown by and I haven't really done much for myself except work. Sure, I have my excuses and I have had some good reasons for being the way I have, yet I wonder to myself how much longer I will put my life on hold. I have seen clearly for a while that it is not any external thing that is influencing my life here especially -- it is my choices, my fears. I guess it could be worse. Maybe it is better to go slow than to rush ahead foolishly. Blah blah blah.

Hope everyone has a good week. I know it will be stressful for many because of last year. Hang in there.