spending more time in here due to recent dev/debugging of crap that takes a long time to run. I would usually multitask, but I'm feeling lazy, so I just surf E2 while I'm waiting for my most recent attempt to run.

After being in this building for, um... seven months I finally got walls. I know. quit yur bitchin, right? After all, most people get a cube or less. Not in this building...so I felt a little strange not having one. But in any case, now I have nothing to complain about. Other than the fact that my left jaw has been hurting recently (3-4 days?). It has always clicked a little, so I'm not sure what's up with that. I sure hope it goes away.

Found out that I'm probably going to have a lot (for me) of travel soon. Atlanta, Phoenix, then Atlanta again, all during June/July. Plus, we have our company party, a friend of mine's band is playing...not to mention July 4th stuff. Should be a fun couple of months. My coworkers laugh when they see me carrying my low tech version of a handheld with all this stuff on it, but I just didn't have any luck keeping my visor up-to-date.

Maybe I should get a compaq one instead....