Well my new bed worked well, very well. (I slept until 2pm). No loss, since Boston has forgotten that it is summer. Instead, we're faced with bleak, dark, cold weather. I miss Texas weather. The people I know down there are complaining about the heat, but I would love to trade places.

Bills were fun to pay, as usual. Sprint is a pain in the butt, I got a bill for $1.03 this month. I wish they all let you pay on the web. It might help me with my lack of organization.

Speaking of organization, I'm enjoying the new Handspring Visor (a silver Edge) that my company bought me (everyone on my team got one...some people chose the color model, but I went with coworker bingeldac and went for the thin model. I find myself actually being able to keep track of appointments, check lists, etc. I also enjoy the games, it makes for a much more interesting ride on the T. One day, I even did a little work on the train ride. Most days, however, I just play Yatzee or this other cool geography game where you play name-that-city (you get multiple choices). I do okay and get about 80% correct.

Random thoughts? You bet. Work is the only constant right now in my life....everything is scattered.