Well my June 27-July 1 visit to Phoenix went great. I was able to visit my relatives after getting the business done. My boss and I went to this great place Los Dos Molinos on recommendation of our customer. That was Thursday and Friday. What was really cool is that my Mom and Grandma were visiting from Texas during the weekend. One uncle and aunt is building a new home near this mountain. Don't remember the name, but it sure is a cool view. The other uncle and aunt we stayed with -- they were so cool. Talk about hospitality.... we had a first class breakfast each morning...

July 4 was great too. Not just because it made the already short week even shorter, but we had a cookout at my place, although it was so hot. Everyone ended up hanging out in front of multiple fans or outside where it was just starting to cool off. We all took off to the Charles River to see the fireworks. The fireworks were great in Boston this year – especially this one where it looks like a giant curtain that filled the entire sky. Afterwards, we went to this cool MIT bar that is right near where we watched the fireworks.

Jaw stopped hurting. Now it only makes a little funny sound when I chew. Not sure whether to be worried still or not.

Found tip on O'Reilly mailing list. Was trying to get my roommate's IMac (OS X) with an Aircard working with my Linksys wireless router. Well the list said, "upgrade your Linksys firmware and re-run the Airport Setup on the IMac.". Sure enough, this worked like a charm. You heard it here first -- random E2 Tech Support.